Monthly Archives: November 2018

Report from the District 6380 Gala

District 6380 Gala Three Toasts and Bringing Home the Bacon. . . . It was great to be together with so many District 6380 Rotarians celebrating the good that we are doing in the world!   But first we stood and raised our glasses to the Queen, then to the President of the US and finally […]

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Notes from the Meeting, October 31, 2019- Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!! Dennis Powers opened the meeting with a very thoughtful Inspiration that foreshadowed President Schlissel’s talk: “Harvard – The Michigan of the East” the t-shirt sold by Moe Sports Shop proudly used to proclaim. Harvard’s motto is “Veritas” — Truth. But truth is an end result, the synthesis of a diligent search for objective […]

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Commemoration of World Polio Day a Great Success!

Thank you, fellow Rotarians. The room at Weber’s was full of energy and fun last Wednesday, October 24 in commemoration of World Polio Day! Many thanks to the members and the committee that made the Purple Pinkie Project a great success. We collected $1,674 plus the match from the Gates Foundation,, raising over $5,000 to […]

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