The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor accomplishes its goals through the work of its committees that are the heart and soul of the Club. Therefore, this strategic plan is predominantly the aggregation of individual committee plans. Because of the considerable number of committees and the thoroughness with which they prepared their individual plans, the committee sections included in this document were reduced to statements of either their fundamental goals and objectives or new initiatives and strategic issues to be implemented and/or evaluated over the next five years. Detailed plans remain with the committees for use in carrying out their work.

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CLUB OPERATIONS (Tom Millard, Director,

Chair: Dawn Johnson (
The Program Committee provides quality programs and speakers for the weekly luncheon meetings. Emphasis is on presenting a wide variety of programs to both entertain and inform our members. Speakers include academic leaders, business leaders, nonprofit sector leaders, government leaders (local, state, and national) and Rotary leaders. Committee members assist in evaluating and reaching out to potential speakers and are encouraged to nominate potential speakers/programs. Monthly meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month 30 minutes before the Club meeting to review speaker applications.

Meeting Staff
Co-Chairs: Karen Gladney (, Mary Steffek Blaske ( and Dale Ausherman (
The Meeting Staff Committee schedules members to assist with the weekly duties of greeters, invocation and taking attendance. Weekly schedules are compiled twice a year and members are assigned a duty once a year. Member’s preference of how they want to participate is taken into consideration. There are no meetings.

Chair: Karen Wasco (
The Set-Up Committee oversees preparing the meeting room for weekly meetings, putting things away after the meeting, and storing small items and materials used during the luncheon. Each committee member sets up one meeting every two months. Dates are selected by the member, not assigned. Time commitment is 30 minutes or less before the meeting and 20 minutes or less after the meeting. There are no additional meetings.

Co-Chairs: Bob Dascola (, Frode Maaseidvaag (sound) ( and Jim Egerdal (projection) (
The Audio Visual Committee is responsible for operating and making improvements, when possible, to the Rotary audio and projection systems used during the weekly meetings.  In addition, the committee is also responsible for training and scheduling the people needed for the setup and operation of the audio and projection systems as well as the three wireless “microphone runners” that allows effective audience participation in the meetings.  Committee meetings are held when necessary.

Co-Chairs: Ingrid Sheldon (
The Music Committee provides weekly songs for the Club meeting as well as providing talent for special programs sponsored by the Club. Each week a Song Leader and Accompanist select two or three songs for the meeting. Committee members are responsible for providing song sheets for the table (around 150 copies). Most accompanists can transpose music to a key the membership can accommodate vocally. Musicians welcomed. There are no formal meetings.  Members are called quarterly to volunteer for available dates.

Member Survey
Chair: Sally Petersen (
The Member Survey Committee creates, distributes, collects, tabulates and reports on the annual club survey of all members. Historically, the survey planning begins in January with the development and approval of the schedule.  Distribution to the membership occurs via an online survey tool occurring no later than mid-March for presentation to the Board of Directors prior to the May Board Retreat. Time commitment varies with survey complexity.

Rotary After Hours
Chair: Susan Smith Gray (
The Social Committee plans entertainment activities for Club members and their guests for the purpose of enabling members to become better acquainted with each other and share some of our favorite activities and experiences together. Activities selected are of interest to a wide range of members. Then members of the committee share the responsibilities of arranging, announcing, and implementing activities. Meetings are held on an as needed basis.
Chair: Dick Elwell (
The Ann Arbor Rotary Club Bowling team was one of the original clubs to start the Ann Arbor Service Club bowling league back in the 1940’s. Our club has had a team in the league since its inception. Bowling is every Thursday night starting the first Thursday in September through the last Thursday in April. Bowling begins at 6:30PM and generally finishes about 9:30. For those who bowl regularly it is a major commitment of time. For those who do not want to bowl every week there are opportunities for members to sub from time to time. This is a wonderful to get to meet and know your fellow Rotarians.

CLUB OUTREACH (Norma Sarkar, Director,

Membership Committee
Chair: Aleia MacDonald (
To increase the membership base of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor through active recruitment efforts focused on community members whose interests are aligned with the Club’s mission and initiatives and who are representative of the community’s diversity. Facilitate a mentor program to ensure active engagement of new members and a support system that facilitates participation in the Club’s committees and service initiatives.

International Humanitarian Projects Committee
Chair: Dan Lewan, Mary Avrakotos (
The International Humanitarian Projects Committee identifies, develops and implements projects with other Rotary Clubs in third world countries. Projects are funded from several sources including Club funds, District and Rotary Foundation contributions. Members who actively develop and manage projects typically work on them for a period of several months. Recent projects include electronic reading machines for India, furniture for an orphanage in the Philippines and constructing artificial fishing reefs in the Philippines and solar lamps for Uganda. Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 11 am.

Chair: Marcia Lane (

Global Grant Scholarships
Chair: (Vacant)
Global Grant Scholarships are awarded by a District Committee to graduate students seeking international advanced degree work. The Global Grant Committee fields questions and offers advice to potential applicants and reviews and ranks any applications received from local candidates. Reviewed applications are then forwarded to the District Selection Committee for consideration. Occasionally Rotary Global Grant Scholars are awarded grants to study at the University of Michigan and our club’s committee may be called upon by the District to act as a local host during their study time at the University. Time commitment is dependent on the number (if any) of applications received, and meeting application deadlines established by the District. Hosting any scholarship holders during their studies at the University could involve monthly contact, hosting at an occasional luncheon meeting and if needed providing transportation to another Rotary Club’s meeting and/or the Annual District Conference.

Doers of Good Service (DOGS)
Chair: (Vacant) (
The Doers of Good Service Committee identifies potential volunteer activities in the community and then recruits volunteers from the membership. Typically, they are one time project opportunities and the number of volunteers needed varies with the event. The Committee is currently reviewing the best way to identify projects and recruit volunteers.

New Member Development
Chair: (Vacant)
Develop a list of new member candidates, vet the list and establish Committee approval. Present nominations to the Board for approval. Organize a new member orientation meeting and induction ceremony for a Spring class and a Fall Class (typically March and October). Total annual new members should approximate 25 to 30 people to offset attrition and contribute to Club growth. Mail acceptance letters, create and distribute new member Welcome Packets plus collect new member data sheets and dues.

Membership Engagement
Chair: Christina Ferris (
The Membership Engagement Committee works to ensure that all members get as much out of their Rotary membership as possible. Volunteer mentors will be assigned to new members to help facilitate their participation in Club activities. Once a year the Committee identifies and personally reaches out to members whose attendance rate is below 30% to find out if there are circumstances that prevent the member from attending regular meetings. The Committee works with the Membership Development Committee to facilitate New Member Orientation and meets with each incoming Class 6 weeks after acceptance to evaluate their Rotary experience. In addition, the Rotary Cares Committee is a subcommittee responsible for taking care of members ’personal needs outside of the functions of the Club. Monthly meetings are held before the Club meeting.

Emeritus Program
Chair: Steve Kesler (
Honoring long time loyal Ann Arbor Rotary members who have exuding service above self. Awardees are selected based on total of age plus number of years as a Rotarian in Rotary Club of Ann Arbor or other Rotary Club. Health and other factors are also taken into consideration. Six to eight awards are made each year.

Rotary Cares
Chair: Barbara Eichmuller (
Sending out get well, good luck, condolence or congratulations cards to recognize pivotal moments in members’ lives.

COMMUNITY SERVICE (Peg Talburtt, Director,

Golf and Tennis Outing
Co-Chairs: Charlie Koopman, Greg Stejskal (
The Golf and Tennis Outing Committee plans, organizes and implements the Club’s annual fundraiser. Historically the Club’s fundraising focus has been helping kids succeed through scholarships and support of early childhood development programs. In 2016, the Club will celebrate its centennial by providing the community its first Universal Access Playground in a public park partly through funds raised from this outing. Planning occurs throughout the year with opportunities to serve on the following subcommittees: Fundraising, Auction, Golf Event, Tennis Event, Financial, Dinner, Entertainment and Day of Outing staffing. Monthly meetings are held before the Club meeting.

Community Allocations
Co-Chairs: Marsha Chamberlin ( and Amy Fruendl (
The Community Allocations Committee solicits, reviews and awards up to $50,000 in grants to local not for profit organizations that support the Club’s goal of “Helping Kids Succeed.” Funding commitments are for a single year with a maximum amount of $5,000 per grant. Members of the committee are responsible for reading and ranking applications in preparation for an annual grant selection meeting in April and approval by the Board of Directors later that month. There is a second cycle to select an applicant for the “District Grant” application in July. Monthly meetings are held before the Club meeting the last Wednesday of each month.

Rotary Fights Hunger
Chair: Todd Kephart (
The Rotate Your Food Committee is responsible for an annual food drive to help our local food bank, Food Gatherers. The drive is held in March and early April because the need for food rises in the summer when subsidized school programs are not available. Committee members work to coordinate with businesses who participate in the drive, other Washtenaw Rotary Clubs, as well as Interact and Rotaract Clubs. The Kickoff Meeting is in early December and the bulk of the work is done in March. No activity between April and December.

Veterans’ Celebration
Co-Chairs: Brad Chick ( and Karen Kerry (
The Veterans Celebration Committee provides members with an opportunity to plan and execute an event that honors veterans during veteran’s week called Stories of Service. Currently, this project involves working with other community leaders to produce a veteran’s storytelling event at a major venue in Ann Arbor that is free and open to the public. The purpose of the event is to honor veterans and raise awareness and funds for the first Fisher House in Michigan. Meetings are twice a month during the year on Friday afternoons.

Veteran’s Job Initiative
Chair: Don Deatrick (
Veterans Initiative committee members are volunteers for the veterans annual Hiring Veterans Event. This event includes Ambassadors of Good Will, greeters at the front door, a large Resource Room full of agencies providing benefit information for veterans, live jazz music (starting 2019), and Panel of Experts to discuss important topics to veterans.
The committee greeters/guides volunteers act as guides for veterans and their families.  After veterans register volunteers assist the veterans review their job skills, review the jobs available, help evaluate which employers best match their skill set and guide the veteran to several employers. Other volunteers will function as Greeters-at-large in the employer areas to help veterans to approach and talk to potential employers regarding jobs available that match their skill set.  Each monthly meeting is on Wednesday before regular meetings and is one half an hour of each month between July and November. The Hiring Event is the first Thursday of November each year. Meet between July and November planning the Greeter/guide function of the Annual Hiring Event at Washtenaw Community College. During the Hiring Event, Committee members select one or two shifts each two hours in length, between 9:30 A M to 1:00 PM.

YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT (Steve Pierce, Director,

Rotary Readers and Tutors
Chair: Jim Egerdal (
Rotary Readers and Tutors volunteer in community schools.  Rotary Readers and Tutors volunteer in community schools. Rotary Tutors work at Angell Elementary, Lakewood Elementary, Burns Park Elementary and Beatty Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti. Placements are also available in other local schools, particularly if the tutor has a relationship with the school. Tutors generally work one session a week during the school year. The tutoring and reading schedules are established in September and continue throughout the school year. Committee members receive meeting credits for their work. One hour weekly, September through May.

Service Above Self Scholarships
Co-Chairs:  Tom Kuslikis (
The Scholarship Committee works with the Financial Aid Office at Washtenaw Community College to award scholarships to students who are current or past graduates of any Ann Arbor high school. The Club may award up to eight scholarships a year. These need-based applicants are required to write an essay about service.
Committee members review the applications and make recommendations for the awards. Meetings are held in the spring during application season.

Chair: Brian Schrag (
In partnership with Pathways to Success High School, the Ann Arbor Rotary STRIVE Program helps turn young lives around. PTSHS provides a new opportunity for these students to focus, be successful in school, and get their high school diplomas. PTSHS and STRIVE work together to provide a unique structure, incentives, and motivation to help the seniors accomplish these life-changing objectives. During the year, the STRIVE committee gives the students mentorship and guidance to graduate from high school, awards scholarship money, and assists in the student’s enrollment at Washtenaw Community College. In addition, the Strive at Work program takes them to area companies to observe first-hand what the world could look like with a college degree.   Meetings vary and are held during the school year.

Junior Rotarians
Chair: (Vacant)
The Junior Rotarian Committee works with counselors from five Ann Arbor high schools to identify three outstanding senior students to be honored as Junior Rotarians from each of the schools. Student honorees are paired with a Rotarian mentor according to their career interest. During the business meeting, Junior Rotarians speak briefly about their accomplishments, activities, and future plans. Committee members are responsible for arranging separate Junior Rotarian days for each school with the Club and the schools. They send invitation letters to students and parents, line up a mentor and a host for each student, provide table assignments, name tags, certificates and photography.

PUBLIC IMAGE (Lauren Heinonen, Director,

Co-Chairs: Michael Field and Lauren Heinonen; Reporter Chair: Agnes Reading (
The Harpoon Committee’s charge is to disseminate information about the club and to promote club activities through Rotary’s electronic newsletter. The work includes newsgathering about members, a weekly report of the club’s meeting, noting Rotarians in the news, and such reports as shall be assigned to committee members by the editor. The committee has various responsibilities including formatting operations of the Harpoon, primary and backup reporters to the editor at the weekly meetings, and others volunteering to help in any capacity. Meetings are randomly scheduled as needs arise, but much of the contact among members is by e-mail.

Chair: Lauren Heinonen (
This committee is responsible for the club website. The committee works with the club administration and committees to edit and update website content, including posting issues of the Harpoon and information on Club and Rotary International programs. In addition, it keeps the Director up to date, posts information from other Club committees and Rotary International Programs. Experience with website content management systems is helpful, but not required.

Social Media
Chair: Steve Pierce (
The committee will work with the Website, Harpoon, and Public Relation committees to showcase news, updates, and events from our club, our club members, and Rotary through our club’s social media accounts. Frequent posts are made on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other outlets. The goal of the social media committee is to inform, update, and engage both the Rotary community and the larger public.

Public Relations
Chair: Vacant
The committee will provide support to other club committees to highlight and promote specific events and projects throughout the year using print media, radio, TV, slideshows and social media support. The PR committee will be successful when it has a team of committee members that are proactive about meeting the needs of the various committees in promoting upcoming events and reporting on past projects and events and being called on to do so by the various Club Committees and the Board. Also, a dynamic relationship will be maintained with other PR committees such as Website, Harpoon and Social Media committees.

Chair: Fred Beutler (
This committee records pictures that chronicle Rotary activities. Photos are published in the Harpoon and archived in a Dropbox account or retention and future reference.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (Arthur Williams, Director,

Rotaract (University of Michigan)
Co-Chairs: Bev Seiford, Dennis Powers (
The University of Michigan Rotaract Committee supports and mentors the University of Michigan Rotaract Club; its mission is to provide young adults the opportunity to serve local and international communities, while providing professional development and leadership skills. The committee is busy from September through April, but then takes the summer off along with the students. The Rotaract committee is the one for you if you are interested in mentoring the next generation of Rotarians and you like to have fun!

Provide support and guidance to the Huron / Pioneer High School Interact Clubs, educating students on the purpose and objectives of Rotary and introducing students to the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and its members. Assist students as they seek opportunities to engage in meaningful service projects (local and international) and develop leadership and organizational skills.
Chair: Ed Wier (
Chair: Linda Carter (

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
Chair: Steve Pierce (
This Committee provides support and guidance to the Huron and Pioneer High School Interact Clubs, educating students on the purpose and objectives of Rotary and introducing students to the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and its members.  It also assists students as they seek opportunities to engage in meaningful service projects (local and international) and helps develop members’ leadership and organizational skills.