Commemoration of World Polio Day a Great Success!

Thank you, fellow Rotarians. The room at Weber’s was full of energy and fun last Wednesday, October 24 in commemoration of World Polio Day! Many thanks to the members and the committee that made the Purple Pinkie Project a great success. We collected $1,674 plus the match from the Gates Foundation,, raising over $5,000 to benefit the eradication of polio. And who was that mystery person in the “wild Polio Virus” costume?


Our speaker, PDG Liz Smith, “attacks” the “wild polio virus”, AG Anne Nauts.

One proclamation after another! County Commissioner Michelle Deatrick and Assistant City Administrator John Fournier present their proclamations to President Greg:



Purple Pinkie Painters: Lauren Heinonen, Lois Stenger and Lois Jelneck.

Your organizers of World Polio Day include Susan Froelich on behalf of the Purple Pinkie Project Committee led by Rosemarie Rowney, and supported by Kathleen Bauer, Lauren Heinonen, Lois Jelneck, Joanne Pierson, Lois Stenger and Karen Wasco. Norma Sarkar secured our great speaker, PDG Liz Smith and coordinated the hosts for visiting guests. Great work ladies!