Membership Info

Resources for New and Prospective Members

This web page is dedicated to helping new and prospective members learn the basics of Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor. Current members may also benefit from it as a ready resource.

This page is intended to be an enduring, and up-to-date, companion to the information presented to new members during their formal orientation session. Persons with a possible interest in becoming a Rotarian can review these resources in order to be better informed before contacting the Club Administrator to ask questions or discuss the next step. Sponsors can use this page in discussion with prospective members before proceeding to Membership Guidelines and Recommend a New Member.

Upon induction, new members will be given login credentials. These will allow access to additional areas of the club website. New members will also receive assistance in registering on the websites of the district and Rotary International.

If you see anything on this page that needs to be corrected or updated or if you know of some worthwhile information that is missing, please contact John White.