Readers and Tutors Make Eyes Brighten and Smiles Broaden

No, not a professional baseball player, but our own Rotarian Collyer Smith reading at Angell School.

When talking to a Rotary reader or tutor, it’s hard to know who enjoys the experience more, the student or the Rotarian. Eyes brighten, smiles broaden, animation ramps up, and stories come forth whenever the topic comes up. Teachers too are excited about this Rotary program, as evidenced by Sandy Kreger, a 5th grade teacher at Burns Park. When Sandy heard of this article she offered to help and provided these words of appreciation and invitation:

Come one, come all to Super-tutoring!   I am a teacher at Burns Park Elementary, and we love our Rotary tutors.  You can read to a first grader, or divide fractions with 5th graders, or anything in between! Right now we have the amazing Grant Peterson (the crowd goes wild), and Spaulding Clark (hooray Spaulding).  They are rock stars.  Starting fall, we’ll have more openings.

Neha Shah, a 4th grade teacher, took the opportunity to sing praises for her reader:

Ted St. Antoine is a fantastic and dedicated Rotary tutor who walks every week from his office at U of M to see my student and help him with reading.  He always takes the time to talk with me about what he has done with my student and the progress and growth he is making.  He is very flexible as I have changed my schedule with him at least 4 times!  I am so thankful for him helping my student and the dedication he shows to helping him succeed.

Ted, a good friend of Bob Mull’s, heard of the program and signed on even though he’s not (yet) a Rotarian! Congratulations and a super-thank you to Grant, Spaulding, Ted, and all our dedicated readers and tutors.

The program started many years ago as a reading readiness program and has morphed and evolved over the years. In 2001 new member Jim Cook showed up at Angell school, only to find himself left standing after all the assignments had been made. Learning there were no more reading students, Jim asked about math tutoring and found a great need. That’s how our program expanded to include math tutoring. Jim currently tutors math at Angell school twice a week, and this year’s rooky tutor, and now rock star Spaulding Clark is also one of our math tutors. It’s a program that many Rotarians find richly rewarding and often entertaining.