Meeting notes – December 16, 2020

Notes from December 16, 2020 Ann Arbor Rotary Meeting

Our zoom meeting began at noon with a half hour of social time. At 12:27, Lori Walters thanked Club members for their outstanding support during the past year. She wished everyone a very happy holiday.

President Joanne rang the bell at 12:30, opening the business meeting. 103 members were in attendance. Tom Strode lead us all in singing “America the Beautiful” with just a little bit of Jingle Bells at the end.

Daphne Schalbetter gave the inspiration message. She first reminded us that it is Beethoven’s 250th birthday. Daphne then told us the Taoist story of The Old Farmer.   A series of good things and bad things happen to the farmer. When villagers came to the farmer to congratulate him for the good things or offer sympathy for the bad things, the farmer’s response was always “Who knows what is good and what is bad”. This message teaches to accept the whole of life. Daphne asked that we take time to reflect on what in 2020 we can see as a gift.

Shelley MacMillan treated us to a joyous video of the wonderful local “Wine, Women & Song” group singing “As Long as I Can Sing.”

President Joanne told us that this is the last meeting of 2020. She thanked all of the people that helped make our zoom meeting happen. She shared member birthdays that will be celebrated in the next three weeks. Dan Romanchik gave an update on the DOGS (Doers of Good Service) committee. Dan and Elizabeth Trinh are re-energizing the committee after a bit of time off. The plans include a Rotary Community Corps. They are hoping to be more entrepreneurial and are taking in ideas for community projects. The committee will continue with all on-going projects.

Shelley MacMillan spoke for the social committee – despite restrictions on meeting, the tradition of an annual Rotary “Wine, Women & Song” night will take place again this year. The difference is that it will be on zoom. The good news is that the capacity is “infinity” for this performance. So, save the date – Thursday, January 28.

Norma Sarkar told us the good news from the Pandemic Relief for Detroit global grant meeting that was held on December 15. You can find all the details about the good work happening by clicking here.

President Joanne reminded all of us that the mandatory Community Service Assessment is due by December 31. She also encouraged participation in voluntary donations to the RCAA Endowment, The Rotary Foundation (Every Rotarian, Every Year) and Polio Plus.

President Joanne ended the business portion of the meeting with a very special thank you to Executive Director, Lori Walters for all of her hard work this past year, particularly all that goes into putting together a zoom meeting each week. President Joanne told us that some of our many accomplishments so far in this Rotary year are: 8 new members, 1 transfer, and 1 reinstatement; an average of 89 people in attendance at each of our zoom meetings, Community Allocations took in $30K despite the cancellation of the GTO; there have been numerous socially-distanced get-togethers; we hosted Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President-Nominee at the October 28 meeting; and all committees are busy and engaged.

Program (you can watch it on YouTube here):

Rick Ingram, retired Choir Director at Huron High School introduced the current Co-Director of Choirs, Kent Wattleworth. Kent told us about the challenges that the Huron High School Choirs have had during the past year. He then presented us with recorded performances of the Choir during the past year.

  • “Cantate Domino” – the first three pieces were recorded in February at the First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor – A Cappella Choir
  • “ The Song We Sing “ – A Cappella Choir
  • “O Love” – A Cappella Choir
  • “Deck the Hall” – Chamber Choir – the last four pieces were recorded using a new software, Upbeat” that allows each student to record from their home. All voices come together via the software.
  • “And So It Goes” – Chamber Choir
  • “Exultate Justi” – A Cappella Choir
  • “On the Banks of the Huron” – A Cappella Choir

What beautiful music and such a treat for all of us in attendance – a very special holiday event for Ann Arbor Rotarians. If you missed the meeting, you can watch the Choir’s performance here.

President Joanne’s meeting-ending quote from Al Storey:

“Our love to all those that you love. Our love to all those that love you. Our love to all those that love those that you love and to those that love those that love you”

The closing bell rang at 1:30 PM.


Carol Senneff