Did you know Dave McDowell moved to Michigan for milder winters?

Dave McDowell was born and raised in a small city in upstate New York in the “foothills of the Adirondacks.” Among his childhood memories is snow, a lot of it. He notes that since everyone lived within walking distance of the schools, there were no snow days, although he does remember piles at the end of his driveway well over his head! (He says, “Of course, I was a good deal shorter then.”)

Not having seen enough snow, Dave went off to Bowdoin College in Maine and did two stints in graduate school in New England, bracketed around ten years in Rochester, New York, all places that get more than their fair share of snow in the winter. Looking for milder winters, he and his family moved to Michigan in 1979 and have remained here, raising three kids and now helping with seven grand kids, none of whom are impressed with his snow stories.

His one “brush with greatness” was working for a summer as a bartender in the restaurant where Rachel Ray began her career. Of course, she hadn’t been born yet, but her mother to be was on the staff. He says, “That’s the extent of my contact with celebrities, notables, or the notorious, other than, of course, my fellow Rotarians, who for thirty five years have been a constant source of friendship and inspiration.”