From the Desk of John White – December 12, 2018

Weekly Meeting Statistics:

A total of 110 members were treated to the musical excellence of the Huron High Choir. We had one Visiting Rotarian (former Ann Arbor member Christina Ferris), seven U-M Rotaractors (Abbey Edwards, Savannah Demil, Kristi Carson, Peter Chen, Cem Sami, Luis Orozco and Ophelia Deng) and ten guests (mostly friends of awardee Pat Pooley). In conjunction with lunch, 29 members met in four committees (Hire MI Vet, Membership, Peace and STRIVE).

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians:

Don Duquette (July 12, 2017 and August 20, 2017 at an undisclosed location since the club forgot to fill out the blank on their makeup card)

The January District Newsletter is Looking for Articles:

Please send stories of celebrations, fundraisers, events, completed or ongoing projects, up-coming events and projects! The address is and the deadline is midnight 12/22.
Please submit in a form that can be easily put into a story, preferably in this format:
1. An impactful photo to be used in the upper right
2. An “Executive Summary” paragraph with headline (and hyperlinks if needed)
3. Addition story details – this will be in the “Read More” section
This can be a full length story with graphics (.jpg or .png) or a .pdf that they can convert.
Please add hyperlinks, email links and the like as you wish.
Add photos (please label them)!
Thanks for your help in making the bulletin come alive and relevant to all our members.
We appreciate all you do!
Your Public Image Committee; George Moses, Mike McManus, Eric Tindall