Did you know our club is one of the largest in the world?

At the board meeting on Tuesday night, there was a question of what constitutes a “Large Club” in the Rotary universe. While John White has not found that RI has an official definition, he did have a list of the 100 largest clubs as of July 1, 2017. (Click here for the list.)
As you can see, our membership of 305 at that time placed us at 34th on the list and the largest in Michigan. The top clubs are Oklahoma City (629) and Birmingham (624). There are six larger clubs outside the US. The only larger one near us is Toledo (413). Two other Michigan clubs are on the list; Traverse City (241) and Muskegon (237).
Overall, we were in the top tenth of one percent of the approximately 34,000 clubs in the world. Even now at 294, we are probably still close to that lofty status. You can see that a membership of about 210 qualified a club for the top 100 list. During John’s years paying attention to these numbers, he has noted a slight erosion of membership numbers for US clubs and an increase in the number of large foreign clubs, mostly in India and Japan.