An Auspicious Day! Strategic Planning can be fun!

On Monday, May 13, twenty members of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor invested their time and talent during an afternoon devoted to strategic planning last Monday.  Bev Seiford professionally guided the group through a series of interactive exercises designed to build a framework for the next two years.  President Elect Rosemarie invited the participants to come and energize themselves as a Leadership Team to commit to overcoming the challenges our Club is facing and embrace new opportunities to ensure that we make transformational contributions to all of the communities we serve.

The challenges include a membership trend that plunged from a high of 326 in 2016-17 to this year’s low of 294.  When it was time to do the budget for next year, the income projections from dues and community service donations were based on 294 members, substantially reducing the Club’s finances.  The group also reviewed operational challenges including issues related to our public image, the labor- intensive nature of the Harpoon and the website.

Everyone present got to know one another and each person had their voice heard.  There was plenty of newsprint, markers, movement, ideas and snacks. In the end, the group settled on three (maybe four) strategic priorities for the next two years.  The summary of the strategic planning will be shared in the near future.

At the end of the session, Bev Seiford asked each participant to sum up the day’s experience in one word.  The words most often heard were “energized”, “hopeful” and “optimistic”.  It was an auspicious day!

Member Lauren Heinonen leads a discussion on Public Image.