Can’t Trash Talk these Rotarians!

The Rotary Road Waste Warriors attacked the I-94 corridor between State St. and Platt Rd. during the Club’s inaugural participation in the State of Michigan Adopt-A-Highway Program. Twenty one enemies of roadway trash swept the area clean of fifty six bags of trash, car parts, pieces of tires, cell phones, clothing, and one computer tablet on Saturday, September 26 under a sun kissed sky suitable for such a worthwhile civic activity. Participants really drove home the Club’s public image of an organization whose motto is “Service Above Self.”

A Rotary wheel salute goes out to the following persons whose valiant efforts facing the onslaught of oncoming traffic ensured victory over highway blight: Don Deatrick, Karl Edelmann, Barbara Eichmuller, Christina Ferris, Lauren Heinonen, Norman Herbert, Downs Herold, Mark Makulinski, Tom Millard, Bonnie Patel, Steve Pierce, Dan Romanchik, Amy Sepp, John Sepp, Leo Shedden, Collyer Smith, Mary Steffek Blaske, Greg Stejskal, Victor Stoeffler, Chris Wentland, and John White.

Please consider joining the Rotary Road Waste Warriors next April when they will again engage the enemy of beautiful Michigan roadways.