A Message From Board of Director Joyce Hunter re: STRIVE

I wanted to take the time to share with you two examples on how we make an impact in the community we serve. Both Jasmine Steele and Robert Thomas Marshall have benefited tremendously from our STRIVE (Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education) scholarships at Washtenaw Community College.  As you may know, our STRIVE Committee enhances the quality of life for the Stone School STRIVE (Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education) scholars, their children, and their families by:



Encouraging support for the program from within the Club as well as from community members.
• Motivating the students to maintain healthy school attitudes and high performance standards. Specifically,
• Continuing the Partner Program and explore the feasibility of Rotaract members serving as STRIVE Scholar Partners.
          ◦ Continue STRIVE@Work involving both members of Rotary and the local business community.
          ◦ Strengthen the guidelines for participation in the STRIVE Scholarship competition.
          ◦ Develop an assessment procedure that shows benchmarks and milestones toward success.
          ◦ Honor and recognize STRIVE Scholars.

Jasmine is continuing her education at Eastern Michigan University, and Robert has made an impact as a nurse (see below letter).

From Jasmine Steele (who spoke at our STRIVE celebration, which as you know, has been so successfully led with great inspiration from Andy Dahlman, and will now be headed up by STRIVE committee veteran, David Keren):

  I wanted to update you on my acceptance into The Honors College at Eastern Michigan University!! I’m very grateful and excited for this new journey. Please send my news and thanks to the rest of the Rotary Club if you can! Thank you! The Strive Committee and Rotary Club has dramatically impacted my life positively and I will continue to support and thank you all for the opportunities you provide to youth in my community. 



And from Robert Thomas Marshall:

The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor is certainly making an impact in our community!