Summary of the July 15 Board Meeting

The Board of Director’s Meeting was held on Wednesday, July 15 via Zoom.

Club membership on June 30 was 266 Active members, plus six Honorary members and seven Inactive Emeriti. Attendance for the month’s four meetings was 34%. Average attendance at each meeting was 90 members plus 8 others. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 52%. The Board accepted, with regret, the resignations of Karen Driggs, Mark Froelich and Josie Parker. Emeritus member, Dave Matthews, is relocating to Arizona and changed his status to Inactive Emeritus. Two members passed in the month of June. John Hammond, Betsy Hammond’s husband, on June 11 and Inactive Emeritus Chuck Olson on June 28. The Membership Committee presented the nomination of Laurie Atwood as a New Member Elect and the reinstatement of Dan Romanchik. Both were enthusiastically approved and welcomed (back) to the Club. The Board approved the appointment of Karen Wasco as Sergeant at Arms for the 2020-2021 year.

The Operating Fund Balance was $61,259. The Club’s Endowment Investment market value was $2,225,562, a 4% increase from May 31.

The Golf and Tennis Outing Event has been cancelled for 2020 but the GTO Committee has been busy at work. The Mid-Summer Italian Festival is scheduled for August 17. It will be a special evening featuring an informative talk on Zoom by wine experts Mike Rodd, founder of Paesano Restaurant & Wine Bar, and Chaad Thomas of Eagle Eye Imports. A gourmet Italian wine and dinner menu is available for purchase and pick-up to enhance your experience. Proceeds from this event will go to support our community programs, including those dedicated to “Helping Kids Succeed.” Sign up here to participate in this fun and innovative event. Questions? Contact our Executive Director Lori Walters at

A proposal to establish an Anti-Racism Committee (ARC), an outgrowth of the Peace Committee, was presented to the Board and it was approved. The committee’s Vision is “To live in a more equal, inclusive, and just community.” Its Purpose is “To raise awareness, present informative programs, and offer opportunities for active discussions designed to help end racism and injustice. We intend to actively create an environment of support and solidarity in our community and encourage personal action by members.” To learn more about the ARC mission or to join the committee contact Marcia Lane at

In closing, the ARC proposal references a writing of 19th century Unitarian minister Theodore Parker, quoted by Martin Luther King, Jr. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Our intent is to work to bend the arc a little faster.