Rotarians Build a Playground at Eberwhite

On Thursday, October 17, 7 hearty Rotarians (6 in morning session, 1 in afternoon) fought off the chill to help with the community build of the new playground at Eberwhite Elementary School. An additional Rotarian was able to help on Friday the 18th.
The group of hearty Rotarians! From left to right: Lauren Heinonen, Vic Stoeffler, Claire Foley, Rob Shiff, Roger Frasier, and Norman Herbert.
The effort was well organized and very productive. It was very inspiring to about 30 volunteers and another 10-15 skilled workers and job coaches working together to make this happen. The majority of volunteers were Eberwhite parents and members of the Eberwhite neighborhood. There were many words of encouragement and thanks to the Rotarians on site, as parents and community members thought it was incredible that a group of people not directly impacted by the playground were willing to help with the project.
No, Claire Foley, Vic Stoeffler and Norman Herbert are not looking for buried treasure! They are digging the hole for the placement of a see-saw.
As luck would have it, Lauren Heinonen later helped set the post for the see-saw in the same hole!
Our team of Rotarians working to build stairs to the slide in the “natural playground.”
Lauren Heinonen and Rob Shiff braving the cold!
A small piece of the whole playground project.
By Rob Shiff