Membership Minute – We Need Your Assistance!

Membership data:

July 15, 2020 – 262 Active Members

(85 members still have not paid 2020-2021 Dues)

2020-2021 Budget based on 260 members + minimum of 10 new members.

Membership Action Plan for 2020-2021click here to see slides for more details:

  • Identify additional members for the Membership Committee
  • Contact RCAA members who do not attend ZOOM to keep our connection
  • Contact Rotary Alumni: former Rotaractors, Past Rotary Members
  • Increase our efforts to promote diversity in RCAA

Call to Action for RCAA members:

Our most important source of new members is referral and nomination from current Rotary Club members. Every RCAA member is critical to our Membership efforts.

What can you do?

Be Visible: Share with everyone that you are a Rotarian by wearing your pin, hat, shirt, or facemask!

Be positive: Be prepared to talk about why you joined Rotary, why you stay, accomplishments of RCAA!!

Seek potential members:

  • Find out their interests and share relevant RCAA activities
  • Invite them to hear a speaker which may be of interest
  • Share the RCAA website, especially the Resources for New and Prospective Members
  • Offer a subscription to the Harpoon, it is free to anyone who is interested!!

Fall Class Nominations are due September 14, 2020

Membership Committee is willing to assist with follow-up on potential nominations.

Together we can grow the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor!!!

Membership Committee:

Acting Chair – Norma Sarkar

Active Members of the Committee:

Fred Beutler                 Nishta Bhatia

Barbara Eichmuller        Susan Froelich

Betsy Hammond           Downs Herold

Stephen Kesler              Aleia MacDonald

Mark Makulinski           T Marshall

Ebru Misirli                   Vic Stoeffler

John White