Meet our Social Media Lead, UofM Rotaractor Trevor Soranno

University of Michigan (’22) Rotaract member Trevor Soranno

If you’ve been following our club’s social media accounts, notably Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you may have noticed lately that our posts have been extra vibrant, interesting, and useful. Our new Social Media Lead, University of Michigan Rotaract member Trevor Soranno, has been behind these wonderful changes.

Trevor is a rising senior at the University of Michigan and is preparing to apply to medical school. He recently joined Rotaract in the Fall of 2020 and he has loved working with the club, as well as with the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and all its members. He enjoys exploring new opportunities, whether that be volunteering, learning a new skill, or just something that catches his interest. When the opportunity to manage the social media accounts for RCAA arose, despite being a successful and busy student, he wasted no time rising to the challenge.

Thank you, Trevor, for your service to our club.