Luncheon Meetings Moving to Weber’s May 2, 2018

The move to Weber’s – four things you need to know:

Our meeting on April 25 will be the last one in the Union for at least 18 months. Our first meeting at Weber’s Inn will be one week hence on May 2. Times and format remain the same; buffet opens at 11:45, bell rings in the 12:20-12:30 range, speaker at 1:00, adjournment no later than 1:30. The four big differences are as follows:
  1. Location – We will be meeting in the Atrium/Varsity Ballrooms at the west end of the building. They overlook the swimming pool. Use the hotel entrance under the canopy on the lower level. Remember just one of those aspects and you will get to the right spot. We recognize that our new location will be a blessing to some and an inconvenience to others. If you would appreciate some transportation from campus to and from Weber’s or would like to offer yourself as a driver for the round trip, please contact John White and he will try to make some matches.
  2. Parking – Parking is plentiful and free. It is also relatively close by. Nevertheless, if you or your passengers need any special attention, one of our greeters will meet you under the canopy and direct you to a specially-reserved space.
  3. Check-in – Attendance will be recorded as you arrive rather than at the dining tables. A precise count is important for forecasting purposes and is critical because Weber’s will be relying on us to tell us how much we should be charged each week. Ann Arbor Rotarians should proceed directly to the attendance table after picking up their nametags from the badge board. Guests and Visiting Rotarians need to stop at the Check-in Desk where a greeter will help with filling out the forms before they advance to the attendance table. Members participating in committee meetings before lunch can meet as usual but will need to come out to the attendance table before going through the buffet or returning to the dining room.
  4. Buffet – The price for the buffet will be $12. At this time, we won’t have the soup or salad option although we can offer a beverage-only price for $2. As for the food options, we will be rotating through Weber’s four basic lunch buffets; cold cut sandwiches, wraps, croissants and a potato bar. Click here for a more detailed menu <<insert link and attachment>> and watch your weekly Harpoon to learn which one to expect.  If you choose not to take advantage of our meal, one option is Weber’s regular lunch buffet in the Habitat upstairs. It is open from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
Comments, suggestions, questions and concerns can be communicated to John White. After the first month or two of experience, we should be in position to make any changes needed to optimize the process. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we undertake the biggest upheaval in our meeting arrangements since before any of our current members came on board.