July 14 Meeting Notes: Celebrating 100 Years of Kiwanis

As is our wont, we gathered on Zoom at 12 Noon for this week’s meeting. The social half hour featured an eclectic selection of topics, including:

Shelley MacMillan
  • Shopping for shoes on line and the difficulty of finding the perfect pair of black pumps.
  • Trips up North, including spending time on the Leelanau peninsula (Don Deatrick illustrated his and Rosemary’s trip by pointing to his pinkie.), getting stranded on Bois Blanc Island (fortunately John Barrie had brought along a lot of books oh his iPad), and plans for going to Bear Lake (don’t get bit, Millie!).
  • The proliferation of insects this year, including ticks and mosquitoes.
  • How and when we might be able to return to face-to-face meetings.
Eli Savit

Eli Savitt then inspired us to look on the bright side by telling the story of Baraka, a new employee who was once sentenced to life in prison, but is now a paralegal in his office and is studying to obtain a law degree.

Talking about looking on the bright side, Shelly treated us to a rendition of George Gershwin’s s Summertime by eight-year-old(!) Angelina Jordan.

Greg Stejskal then brought us up to speed on this year’s Golf and Tennis Outing. We’re hoping for a big turnout to make up for some of the ground we lost last year.

We then turned our attention to Rotary’s seven areas of focus:

Rosemarie Rowney
  • Ashish Sarkar talked about Rotary International’s efforts in promoting peace, and urged us to all become peacemakers in our own lives.
  • Rosemary Rowney discussed how Rotary fights disease. Rotary believes that everyone is entitled to good health care and the Rotary Foundation is changing the world by providing grants to health care organizations around the world and in our own backyard.
  • Lou Callaway talked about Rotary’s efforts in providing clean water. He showed how our investment of more than $130 million in water, sanitation, and hygiene are not only improving conditions, but also conserving water resources.
  • Collyer Smith explained how Rotary supports education. In this area, Rotary’s goal is to eradicate illiteracy and provide educational opportunities to everyone.

Dennis Powers then introduced our speaker Dale Leslie, who spoke to us about the 100th anniversary of Ann Arbor’s Kiwanis Club.

Dale Leslie

The Kiwanis Club was founded on June 13, 1921, the year that Lindberg flew across the Atlantic and Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs. Over the years, the Kiwanis Club has played a large part in our community.

We all know about the Kiwanis Rummage Sale, but we learned about the history of the club, and how the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor uses funds from the Sale to support local organizations, such as Mott Children’s Hospital.


Notes by Dan Romanchik

Photography by Fred Beutler