Highlights from the February newsletter of District 6360 

Here are some highlights from the February newsletter of District 6360, our neighbor to the west. The district starts in Jackson and covers the southern part of the state over to Lake Michigan. Some of what they are doing will certainly resonate with members of our club and may warrant contact for possible sharing of information or even collaboration. For details as contained in the full document, click here.

Page 1: District 6360 is a peace-building district. They financially support RI’s programs in this area and are working to identify a Peace Fellowship District Chair.
Page 5: They are offering four Grants Management Training Seminars, including one each in E. Lansing (Sat. morning, Feb. 22) and one in Jackson (Thurs. evening, April 16). If you are planning to take Grants Training, one of these may be more convenient for you than our district’s session on Sat. Feb. 29 at Concordia.
Page 13: Here is a list of clubs in the district showing the performance of each toward their goal in the Annual Programs Fund.
Page 16: This list shows all the clubs with membership totals for this year and last. The Lansing club (195) and Kalamazoo (167) are biggest ones in the district. Note that the other two largest clubs in the state are Traverse City (223) and Grand Rapids (201).
Page 17: Here are the membership for each club plus the average attendance for the meetings in December. Note that the Coldwater club of 69 members reported 99.25%! They must be keeping close track of make-ups and other attendance credits for committee activities and service projects.
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