Bravo to Steve Kesler! Rotarian in the News

A mere three years after its predecessor, our own Steve Kesler has published another book. And, as usual with Steve, its subject and scholarship are rock-solid. Titled Great Lakes Rocks: 4 Billion Years of Geologic History in the Great Lakes Region, Steve paints a sublime picture of the true founding of our state: born of an impossibly complex series of physical and mineralogical upheavals and transformations. The Michigan we enjoy year-round, particularly in summer, is just the latest iteration of geologic actions that originated with the Earth’s formation. Indeed, it is ongoing. Like a cubist painting or sculpture, our region, through Steve’s lively and accessible storytelling, comes alive in all its aspects — simultaneously. Like Dante’s Virgil, Steve guides us safely above earthquake and glacier, to mountain peaks thrusting skyward, and down to the fruits of this titanic sifting — the forests, rivers, and empyrean Lakes we love as our heritage.

Great Lakes Rocks delivers also in the personal category. Steve describes the geological forensics that have made the region’s economies possible. Why did Native and European Americans settle where they did? What were the geographic, mineral, floral, and faunal advantages of some areas over others? Why do we flock North? Michigan Rocks is an Olympian tale — one Steve tells in the most intimate way.