Adopt-a-Highway Report for April 17, 2021

Fourteen Rotary Club of Ann Arbor road waste warriors were once again smiled upon by the Highway Gods with a sun-kissed sky on Saturday, April 17, 2021 for the State of Michigan Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup on the 2.1 mile stretch of I-94 between State Street and Platt Road. Fueled with Washtenaw Dairy donuts provided by President Pierson, the road waste warriors picked up trash at the same breakneck speed as the metal hulks hurtling past them on the highway. The attack on roadway blight resulted in the collection of 61 bags of trash, assorted car parts, hubcaps, pieces of tires, numerous masks, a wig, an iPhone, a boogie board, and a handgun magazine full of hollow point ammunition, which was promptly collected by the Michigan State Police.

After a short debriefing back at the Kensington Hotel parking lot, a much missed Rotary style luncheon was enjoyed by Club members who truly live Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self.” They helped enhance the Club’s public image by driving home the point that Rotary knows where the rubber meets the road.

An expression of heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the successful day:

Elaine Besh
Mary Steffeck Blaske
Don Deatrick
Karl Edelmann
Christina Ferris
Lauren Heinonen
Norman Herbert
Downs Herold
Tom Millard
Joanne Pierson
Leo Shedden
Vic Stoeffler
Chris Wentland
Ed Wier


Fred Beutler

Some of our Waste Warriors hard at work.
Our Waste Warrior Captain Tom Millard had a mission to clean up cigarette butts at the I-94 exit onto State Street. He fulfilled his mission and scooped up 3 snow shovels worth of them!
Rotarians always enjoy lunch and camaraderie after helping the community.