The Peace Pole

Rotary Club of Ann Arbor

Established A Peace Committee in 2018

Our mission is to work locally and globally for peace, social justice, and the non-violent resolution of conflict.

      When choosing a project to meet our mission statement, the Peace Committee members were drawn to planting a Peace Pole.  Peace Poles are an iconic symbol of May Peace Prevail On Earth International founded in Japan over fifty years ago. Peace Poles which carry the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” have been planted by supporters all over the world. A Peace Pole is a monument to peace.

We decided to plant our Peace Pole in Gallup Park in Ann Arbor.  Situated in a beautiful, wooded spot along the Huron River, the park is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. Although primarily serving those living in Washtenaw County, the park hosts many visitors from all over the world.

Our Peace Pole is eight feet tall and contains the message, May Peace Prevail on Earth in eight different languages.  The languages we chose, based on the latest census, are the eight most common spoken in Washtenaw County, i.e., English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and German.

The Peace Pole was purchased at Shop Peace to Spread Peace located at The World Peace Sanctuary in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Wassaic, New York. Their mission is simple:  To spread the universal message, May Peace Prevail on Earth, and to empower, uplift and awaken the global consciousness of our human family. When you stand in quiet meditation in front of the Pole, keep in mind the power of thought, the power of words, and the power of May Peace Prevail on Earth.

The Peace Committee of Ann Arbor Rotary will be hosting a celebration of the Peace Pole planting and will soon be posting information about date, time, site and any necessary instructions.  We invite everyone to come to the celebration or to visit the Peace Pole at your leisure.  If you wish to visit before the celebration, here are the directions: park in Geddes Road parking lot east of Huron Parkway, facing the canoe grouping, follow trail to left, go over first and second bridge, the Peace Pole is on the right just over the second bridge.