Itching to give back with low commitment? Bite-Sized Jobs Available!

Have you been missing the level of engagement that you would normally have at our club’s in-person meetings? Are you a new member and want to become a bit more engaged with our club while stuck at home due to COVID-19? Are you looking for a simple way to help our club when you’re not watching Netflix? Well we have some low-commitment, low-skill (or easily learnable) “bite-sized” jobs for you!

Our Public Image Committee is dedicated to sharing the good works of our club and of Rotary with both our own members and with the greater public. These jobs directly relate to our public image, so can you help share with the world what we do?

  • Paparazzi
    • Takes photos at club meetings and events, preferably with a digital camera (and even better, a DSLR) rather than a phone, and sends them to the Editing team to upload online.
  • Rotary Magazine Summarizer
    • Help our members crack open their monthly Rotary Magazine by providing a short synopsis for our newsletter. Point out articles of interest with page numbers.
  • Rotarians in the News Grabber
    • Keep your eyes peeled for our Rotary members in the news! We always like to highlight the achievements of our members, especially since members typically don’t bring up their accomplishments themselves. Scour local news sources and newsletters for mentions of our Rotarians and point them out in our newsletter/website.
  • Facebook Pharaoh
    • Helps liven up our club’s Facebook page and ensure engaging articles and photos are shared publicly about our members, our good work, and our events.
  • Tweetmeister
    • Oversees our Twitter account to help Tweet for the club, either by tweeting yourself about our members and good work, or by ensuring that our auto-posted Tweets are looking good.
  • LinkedIn Luminary
    • Works to ensure our LinkedIn page is up-to-date and has interesting articles posted regularly to help recruit members and share our good work.
  • Calendar Coordinator
    • Works with Secretary and Committee Chairs to determine when committee meetings happen and ensure they’re properly reported on the club’s calendar. 
  • YouTube Boss
    • Works to help upload recordings from the club (including Zoom meetings, etc.) to our YouTube page and ensure it’s organized and updated.
  • Web-Watcher
    • Semi-regularly reviews website to ensure up-to-date and accurate information is present. Helps with creating new pages and rearranging information, too, if interested.
  • Article Collector
    • Helps prompt members to write articles as seen fit to update membership about their work in our club. Hear something announced or presented at a meeting and know it would make a good article? This is where you shine! Collects and sends our articles to the District on semi-regular basis to help share our work in larger Rotary circles. 
  • Archiving Commander
    • Uses Dropbox and ClubRunner to ensure photos, newsletter, and other club documents are properly archived. 
  • Article Author / Editor
    • Want to help review submitted articles and publish them online? This job is for you!
  • Manager of Public Relations / Press Release Manager
    • Helps keep an active list of local news outlets we can send press releases and other information to. Try your hand at writing a press release, too!
  • Newsletter Nobility
    • Want to have your name appear as one of our rotating weekly newsletter editors in an email blast that goes to over 500 people weekly? Want to be a part of one of the most important ways to update membership on what’s going on in our club? Being a Newsletter Nobility might be the job for you!


If you’re interested, click here to contact Lauren Heinonen.