FAQs for Presenters and Prospective Speakers

Where do you meet?

Our traditional venue is the Anderson Room in the University of Michigan Union but we have been meeting by Zoom Video Conferencing since March 2020. We hope to return to in-person meetings sometime in 2021 but are following the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the State of Michigan. The safety and health of our members and community is a priority.


When do you meet?

We meet at lunchtime on Wednesdays each week with only a few exceptions related to holidays and the Ann Arbor Art Fairs.


What is the format of your Rotary meeting?

The weekly meetings commence at 12:00 pm Eastern Time for socializing, followed by our scheduled program beginning close to 12:30 pm. There is an invocation, a song, and a few other announcements and aspects of Club business. The speaker is introduced at 12:55 pm and should plan to conclude by 12:25 pm, including a short time for Q&A. The meeting is adjourned promptly at 1:30 pm but the speaker is invited to stay connected for a short time to allow for some informal conversations.


Who is in the audience?

The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor has over 250 members. We have been enjoying an average attendance of 90-100 members at our weekly Zoom meetings. The membership is drawn from local business, professional, and university communities. Also in each audience may Rotarians from other clubs, guests, spouses, and other interested persons. The meetings are generally open although anyone beyond our own membership will need to get a Zoom link from our Executive Director.


Are there specific criteria on the type of topics presented?

 In general, we avoid presentations of a political nature during election season and we do not allow outright requests for funding or other “calls to action.” There is additional information on the speaker program and criteria here.  The topic will also be discussed with the presenter’s nominator and reviewed by the Program Committee before approval and scheduling.


What if I have resources to accompany my presentation?

 A Zoom “test” will be arranged prior to the luncheon meeting to ensure proper connectivity and processes. Any PowerPoint files, videos, or other supporting material should be shared with our Executive Director at that time so that we have them available if there any issues on the day of the presentation. You will be able to share your screen during the presentation.


Can I invite a friend to the meeting?

Yes. We encourage you to invite friends, family, and colleagues. Please discuss this with your nominator or the Executive Director so that the link to the meeting can be shared as you wish.


Do you promote the speaker program?

Yes. We post upcoming speakers on our website calendar and also include the information in our weekly newsletter, The Harpoon. We ask that we receive the title and a brief description of the presentation, as well as the speaker’s biography, about a month in advance. In addition, each meeting is recorded and made available on-line later unless the speaker chooses otherwise.


What if I am interested in joining Rotary?

We would welcome your interests in our Club, whether in attending additional meetings, volunteering for a service project, or joining as a member. Additional information about the Club’s mission, projects, and programs is available on this site (a2rotary.org). A brochure regarding membership is available *here.