Summary of January 18, 2023 Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Director’s Meeting was held on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. On the final day of the month of December our club had 227 Active Members. Attendance for the month’s meetings was 28% (down 10% from last month). Average attendance at each meeting was 88 members and 4 guests. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 61% (down 2% from last month.) Zoom vs. In-Person reports have been sporadic due to the barcode scanner system. In general, in-person attendance is increasing.

Our club financial highlights include Foundation total assets of 2,547,671.27 and Club Operations balance of $73,502.20.

In an email vote on January 18, the board approved the membership committee’s nominee of Ed Johnson into RCAA membership.

Kathy Waugh made a request to all Club Directors to make sure the committee chairs take attendance at their meetings and report it to the Secretary.

Staffing support for the weekly meeting duties continues to be an issue. Many of the same people are still volunteering every week – even with the new spreadsheet. In order to get more consistent help for meeting set-up, the committee plans to move toward mandatory assignments starting February 1st if the situation doesn’t improve.

A new AV/Tech committee has been developed to investigate using our own equipment for the weekly meetings in order to keep the Hybrid format. The current format is very costly to our club due to the fees from the University of Michigan for AV equipment and tech assistance. The new RCAA AV/Tech committee members consist of: Dawn Johnson, Kate VanHorn, Megan Butler, Cyril White, Frode Maaseidvaag, Dan Romanchik, Mark Foster, Jim Egerdal, Carlos Valderrama, Kathy Waugh. Please contact Dawn Johnson if you have information to share with this committee and/or would like to be involved!

Club leadership is doing the best we can without an Executive Administrator. The club members taking the heavy lift are Norman Herbert (Financials), Barbara Eichmuller (Membership), Dawn Johnson (Weekly meeting coverage) and Kathy Waugh (General Administration and overflow). Kate VanHorn has taken the lead with the Zoom/Hybrid meetings for January – which has been a huge help. Membership needs to understand that we are unable to handle last-minute issues, especially with regard to the weekly meeting set-up or ad-hoc requests. Thanks for your patience.

The Executive Administrator Search committee held a very promising interview with an individual on January 16th and plan to hold a follow-up meeting that includes Emily Olson (our previous administrator) to see if the candidate remains interested and is able to handle the actual work at hand. The position remains at 30 hours per week. The Search Committee consists of Joanne Pierson (chair), Mark Foster, Mark Ouimet, Norman Herbert, Barbara Eichmuller and Kathy Waugh.