RCAA in the 21st Century: Social Media Guide

Since social media dominates the internet, our great club needs a presence there. There are social media infographics below, following this brief guide. I think we can agree that the world is connected, like never before, and, like everything else, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Ours is a unique opportunity to publish positive, constructive news, and thus provide refreshing relief from “news” that’s accelerating outrage to attract eyeballs in today’s extremely competitive information-marketplace. “If you want to know what doesn’t happen often, read the news!” I don’t have to tell you that the status quo isn’t newsworthy.

Our club relentlessly helps people, our local community and the world! We are among the largest and oldest clubs in the world with a rich heritage of accomplishments and renowned members. Our story needs to be heard. It’s encouraging, and it’s easy to share and consume.

Let me show you how. Our club has five social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn — see quick links to these pages in the top right corner of our website homepage), and three members responsible for posting as of October 1, 2020. Lauren Heinonen took initiative to get the ball rolling and deserves credit for this essential effort.


Facebook: RotaryClubofAnnArbor

Go to: www.facebook.com/rotaryclubofannarbor

You can also find us using the search bar way once you’re logged in to Facebook: Find this image (see below) in the upper left of your Facebook landing page, type “Rotary Club of Ann Arbor” in the “Search Facebook” field, and press [Return/Enter].

1. Click “Like,” or even “Love” after reading our posts.
2. Click “Share” to share it to your page. If you have a business page, or are the “Webmaster”of your company’s Facebook page, then after clicking “Share,” you’ll be given the option of sharing it there. You’ll be offered the chance to write an introduction to the post that explains why you’re sharing it. Be brave. Be proud. “Confidence is the best outfit.”
3. You can also “Comment” on a post. If you type the at symbol in your comment, “@” followed by another of your contacts Facebook page-name, they will get pinged, and we will have more… “exposure.”

NOTE: The more you share and like, the more exposure we get. You have the power to help exponentially grow awareness of our great club! You are, hereby, anointed “Press Agent” for our club.



Instagram: RotaryClubAA

Goto: www.instragram.com/RotaryClubAA

1. Instagram originated as a mobile “App” for your phone. It allows viewing on your computer, but posting is allowed only from your phone. If you don’t have an account, it’s easy to get one: 1.) Go to your App Store, 2.) Search for Instagram, download it, and then open the App, 3.) Follow account opening instructions.

Instagram is built on the premise that, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and “storytelling with pictures.” Sure, there are captions, but pictures are the dominant feature. Video posting and stories are added features, but static pages remain the best chronicles of activity.

Touch the heart that appears after each of our posts, if you “like” what you see!

Twitter: @AnnArborRotary

Go to: www.twitter.com/annarborrotary

The length of twitter posts is limited, but, as they say, “if it’s going to be a long story, start from the end.” Visit our page and you’ll see brief snippets of club activity.

YouTube: Rotary Club of Ann Arbor

Go to: www.youtube.com

Find us by typing “Rotary Club of Ann Arbor” in the search bar. Click the “Subscribe” button. You can find videos of some of our meetings and even on the Centennial Playground!

LinkedIn: Rotary Club of Ann Arbor

Go to: www.linkedin.com/company/rotary-club-of-ann-arbor/

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, consider adding the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor to your Experience and/or Volunteer Experience. When entering a new line under one of these sections, start typing “Rotary Club of Ann Arbor” for the “Organization” and our page should appear.


With warm regards and consistency-of-purpose in serving our great club over time, Steve Pierce