RCAA Cleaning up Ann Arbor

The environment is a significant area of focus for Rotarians across the globe.  Admirable efforts are underway to address environmental issues with education, policy, and through the support of activities that improve sustainability and create a synchronicity between our communities and the environment.

In the spirit of this Rotary focus and supporting these goals, the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor recently led two cleanup projects in the Ann Arbor area.  A Huron River shoreline cleanup, and a highway cleanup on I94.

Huron River Shoreline Cleanup

On Sunday, September 26th a group of Rotarians and Rotaractors gathered to celebrate World Rivers Day and clean up areas around Argo Park.  This location was one of the areas identified by the Huron River Watershed Council who also provided wonderful resources and tips.

We conducted a shoreline cleanup, and we were able to cover not only Argo Park, but also adjacent parks including Longshore and Bandemere.  While we were pleasantly surprised to find less litter than expected, we did collect a lot of garbage including an old fishing pole and a blow-up mattress, that will no longer be littering our river or riverside.

In addition to the benefits of cleaning up Argo and celebrating World Rivers Day with fellow Rotarians across the world – we enjoyed sunshine, made new friends, and raised the visibility of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and its commitment to the community and the environment.

We are planning to lead a river cleanup again and hopefully support it as an annual if not a biannual event.  There are opportunities for the club to add to a shoreline cleanup and add a waterway cleanup using canoes, kayaks, and waders to improve access and outcomes.

In addition, we are exploring other opportunities to partner with the Huron Watershed Council with volunteer efforts related to bug and specimen collection to determine the health of our waters, and chemistry and flow monitoring.

Many thanks to Dunham Clark, Susan Froelich, Lauren Heinonen, Rick Ingram, Paul Izenberg, Tom Millard, Bob Mull, Nora Pasche, Agnes Reading, Stephen Reading, Trevor Soranno, Trevor Versalle, John White, Fanfan Zheng
Special thanks to John White for group photo.


I-94 Rotary Road Waste Warriors

A more established RCAA tradition…

For the past two years the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor has participated in the State of Michigan Adopt-A-Highway Program. The Club has been assigned to clean up a 2.1 mile stretch of I-94 from State Street to Platt Road.

During the designated spring and fall pickups, this year with the help of University of Michigan Rotaractors, the Club has collected more than 175 bags of trash, countless pieces of tires, numerous hubcaps, car parts, articles of clothing, masks, iPhones, one computer tablet which was returned to its rightful owner after investigative work by the club’s retired FBI member, a full magazine of ammunition, and reported a suspected meth lab waste dump to authorities.

All this was accomplished while enjoying the camaraderie of current and potential Rotarians, reducing highway blight, enhancing the club’s public image by demonstrating its commitment to the community, and driving home Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” along with its ultimate mission to protect the environment.

Road Waste Warriors — thank you! Eunice Choi, Don Deatrick, Don Duquette, Jim Egerdal, Michael Field, Susan Froelich, Norman Herbert, Rick Ingram, Allison Lie, Eric Macke, Tom Millard, Ivy Muench, Bob Mull, Sarah Ong, Dan Romanchik, John Sepp, Leo Shedden, Rob Shiff, Trevor Soranno, Heidi Vitso, Nils Vitso, John White, Fanfan Zheng.
Special thanks to Club photographer Fred Beutler.