New Policy: Posting to Club Electronic Platforms

At the April 15th Board Meeting, new policy was presented and approved by the board. This policy was created by the Public Image Committee and outlines guidelines for what content can be published on our club’s online platforms. This policy can be found below.

Policy on Posting to Club Electronic Platforms

Postings on all electronic platforms maintained by the Club are to meet criteria established under existing Club policies and guidelines.


Submissions for Posting on Club Electronic Platforms

Any request for posting on any Club maintained electronic platforms will be reviewed by the acting Editor-in-Chief of the Harpoon/website.  The Editor-in-Chief may, at his or her discretion, reject any such request on the basis of length, style, relevance, or prohibited topic as listed below.  In cases of a challenge to posting, the Club President or Secretary will have final determination of whether or not any request for submission meets appropriate Club policy.


Prohibited Topics


Posts for a political campaign of any nature are prohibited on all of the electronic platforms maintained by the Club.

Solicitations Directed at Club Members

No member, speaker, guest or other person, group or organization shall sell products or tickets, solicit donations, or otherwise engage in overt fundraising activities directed at members on any electronic platform maintained by the Club, except to raise funds for the Club itself, the Ann Arbor Rotary Foundation, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, its partners, or for events, causes or fundraising drives sponsored or officially sanctioned by the Club or one of its affiliates.

Non-Rotary Material

Material not closely related to Rotary, its affiliates, or its partners, may not be posted on any of the Club maintained electronic platforms.