Wed, Nov. 30th - Weekly Meeting, Speaker: District Governor Bala Murthy

Bala Murthy is our District Governor for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year and will be making an official visit to our club. Bala is a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. He now has over 30 years of experience in Rotary in four clubs in Michigan and Washington, DC, including serving as president in two of them.

Here is a brief biography of Bala:

 Born in Mysore, India and can speak many of the Indian languages.
 As a Mechanical Engineer, Bala worked at Tata Motors for a couple of years and eventually at
General Motors for 27 years.
 Bala was part of an Indo-Canadian youth exchange team for 4 months in Victoria, BC, Canada
and continued with the same exchange group in India for another four months where he focused
on youth development and peace initiatives
 Bala was a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar and came to the University of Pittsburgh to
complete his MBA where he also met his classmate and wife Roma and have been happily married
for 37 years!
 Shortly after marriage, Bala moved to Grand Blanc, MI where he started working for General
Motors and also became President of the Grand Blanc Rotary. Simultaneously, he completed his
MS degree from Carnegie Mellon specializing in software development from the Software
Engineering Institute.
 In 1999, Bala’s family relocated to Troy where he transferred to the Detroit Rotary club. In 2010, his
business took him to Washington DC and he transferred his Rotary membership to the Washington
DC Rotary where he was on the Board and was part of the International Services, Rotary
Foundation and Embassy Relations and Sister cities committees.
 Bala & Roma’s son Arjun and his family live nearby. Their grandson, Jackson is 2-1/2 years old
and is the apple of their eyes.
 In 2018, he moved his business from Washington, DC to Troy and once again transferred his
Rotary membership to Troy and became President of the Troy Rotary Club in 2020-2021.
 In 1993, after a devastating earthquake in India, Bala led and coordinated a global grant to rebuild
fallen Indian cities. He led a 3-H grant approval to provide low-cost housing shelter in Western
India. He has led many, many grants for supporting schools in both India and Cancun, Mexico to
get desk, chairs and blackboards and water related projects.
 He believes strongly in Rotary Fellowships and started the Yoga and Meditation Fellowship which
is now in its 4 th year. He is also the President of the Rotary Travel and Hosting fellowship. He is a
member of the RI Alumni Relations Committee
 Humbly, Bala received the D6330 Rotary Foundation District Service Award in 1993-1994 for
leading the low-cost housing shelters for earthquake survivors.
As you can see, his entire adult life and career has been entwined in Rotary where he is truly passionate
about giving back to our communities.

Bala is an avid traveler and a marathon runner. He loves music and meeting people from all over the world.


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