July 28 Noon Meeting Speaker: - Fionna Tanner, " Saving The Noble Gorilla"

July 28

Fiona Tanner

Founder of The Noble Gorilla Foundation

” Saving the Noble Gorilla”

“The Noble Gorilla Foundation – helping Ugandans and Ugandan Gorillas meet the conservation challenge.”

Introducer: Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce first met the speaker Fiona Tanner, and her partner, an author, and businessman, John Quinlan in November of 2016. Quinlan had just written a book “Tau Bada, Memoirs of a Vulnerable Man”, about his and Fiona’s adventures in the remote reaches of New Guinea. Fiona, being a native New Guinean, helped forge relationships with locals, and together, they redesigned coffee farming to allow the native population unprecedented opportunities to both consume and enjoy their own coffee for the first time, and to profit from its production and bring those profits home. Quinlan’s high school classmate read of their adventures in the Grosse Pointe Press, and asked them to do the same for Uganda. Tanner and Quinlan went to Uganda and established the Noble Gorilla Foundation and have been helping to save the gorillas by helping save their forest habitat, as well as giving aid to local coffee farmers.

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