Your April Rotary Magazine

Have you received the April issue of the Rotary Magazine? The cover announces Rotary’s adoption of The Environment as its seventh Area of Focus. If your answer is “Yes,” the question becomes, “Have you read it?”
RI President Holger Knaack kicks off this issue with a relevant column mentioning Earth Day. A four-page article on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion starts on page 14. Another article (page 46) is about “tackling America’s racial divide.” The cover article, “In our Nature,” starts on page 28 and recounts major efforts Rotarians are already undertaking, e.g., recycling, solar lights, water conservation, sustainable farming, eco-stoves, and clean energy. Another major article is “A History of Vaccination.” It begins on page 40. Did you know that one of the earliest written observations about immunity dates to 430 B.C.? In 1796, Edward Jenner’s experiments with cowpox led to dubbing his discovery “vaccination,” from the Latin word, vacca, meaning cow. Among other notable dates in the article and the one most dear to Ann Arbor Rotarians might be April 12, 1955 when it was announced that the Salk polio vaccine was “safe, effective, and potent.”

Note: This article synopsizing the monthly Rotary magazine is an example of a bite-size job that can be undertaken by any interested Rotarian. Contact John White to learn more.