Year-End Review: What’s Your Rotary Score?

Year-end Review- What’s your Rotary Score?

           A quick review of the on-line 2016-17 Annual Report (add the link) makes it very clear the Club had a Very Good Year! But as Board members have discovered while keeping the club leadership chart populated, there have been frequent examples of the old saw of “20% doing the work while the remaining 80% take it easy. We know we have more committees than many clubs have members, but with our 300+ members we should have no trouble filling our leadership positions. A major benefit of our multiple committee service opportunities is that we have leadership positions available that require a large variety of skills and personal time commitments.

With the start of 2018, it’s a great time for members to consider their personal Rotary “Service above Self” Score. We encourage each to conduct a personal audit of their active involvement with Rotary. Where does your score fall? Take the quiz below and total the your points:   Remember ….. “Is it the Truth?”


* Read your Harpoon regularly (>50%) 5 pts
* Wear your Rotary Pin frequently 5
* Read your Rotarian Magazine     ….scan 5
                                                       ….selectively 10
                                                      ….>50% 15
* Regularly attend luncheon meetings     ….<20% 5
                                                                 ….20-50% 10
                                                                 ….50-80% 20
                                                            …..>80% 30
* Practice the Four Way Test 10
* Serve on a Committee 10
             attend Committee meetings 15
             Work off-site 15
* Assist at Weekly Meetings  
             Greet 5
               Attendancee 5
               Projection 10
             Mike Runner, Audio 10
             Music 10
* Provide information for the Harpoon  
             Write 20
                 Photograph 20
* Provide information for the Website 20
* Chair a Committee or Sub-committee 40
* Serve on the Board of Directors 40
* Sponsored a New Member in the last 2 years 15
* Mentored a New Member in the past 2 years 15
* Mentored a Rotaractor 20
* Hosted a Junior Rotarian 20
* Tutored at an Elementary School 20
* Proposed a Program Speaker 10
* Attended a Rotary Social Event 20
* Participate with DOGS events 20
* Work at Golf/Tennis Outing 20


If Your Rotary Service Score is: _____ total (see below for classification)

0-49: = RINO (Rotarian in name only)

50-75: = RIT (Rotarian in Training)

76-100: = CYS (Contributing your Share)

101-150: = CR (Contented Rotarian)

151-200: = DOC (District Officer Candidate)


Not comfortable with your score? We hope you’ll make a New Year’s Resolution to

check out the many service and leadership opportunities existing in our Club

and find a spot that can use your time and talents in a way to fit your present schedules.