What’s Your Rotary Score?

A quick review of the on-line 2016-17 Annual Report makes it very clear that our club had a very good year! But, as board members have discovered, while keeping the club leadership chart populated, 20% are doing the work, while the remaining 80% take it easy. I know we have more committees than some clubs have members, but with our 300+ members we should have no trouble filling leadership positions.

The beginning of a new year is a great time for members to think about how engaged they are with our Rotary club by conducting a personal audit and coming up with your own personal Rotary “Service above Self” Score. For each of the activities below, give yourself the indicated number of points if you’ve participated in that activity during the past year, and when you’ve finished total up your points.  Remember ….. “Is it the Truth?”

Activity  Points
Practiced the Four-Way Test 10
Read the Harpoon regularly (>50% )  5
Wore your Rotary Pin frequently  5
Read the Rotarian magazine
 scanned an issue 5
 read selected articles 10
read more than 50% of each issue 15
Regularly attended luncheon meetings
25% or fewer 5
 25% – 50%  10
50% – 75% 20
 75% – 100% 30
Chaired a committee or subcommittee 40
Served on a committee 15
Regularly attended committee meetings 15
Served on the Board of Directors 40
Tutored or read to students at an
elementary school
Participated in a community service project,
such as a DOGS project or Rotate Your Food
 Helped with the Golf and Tennis Outing 20
 Attended a Rotary social event 20
Assisted at weekly meetings (greeter,
inspirer, song leader, accompanist,
attendance taker, mic runner,
projectionist, audio operator
Wrote an article or took photos for
the Harpoon or the website.
Sponsored a new member in last two years 20
Mentored a new member in last two years 20
Mentored a Rotaractor 20
Hosted a Junior Rotarian 15
Proposed a program speaker 10


After you’ve totaled your Rotary Service Score, see below for your classification.

  • 0-49: = RINO (Rotarian in name only)
  • 50-75: = RIT (Rotarian in Training)
  • 76-100: = CYS (Contributing your Share)
  • 101-150: = CR (Contented Rotarian)
  • 151-200: = DOC (District Officer Candidate)

If you’re not comfortable with your score, I hope you’ll make a New Year’s resolution to check out the many service and leadership opportunities our club has to offer. I’m sure that we can find a spot that can make good use of your time and talents and still fit your schedule. Please contact me if you would like to discuss how to raise your score.