What’s in your March 2021 Rotary magazine

Don’t have time to study your entire Rotary magazine each month? Here’s a few tidbits that may be of interest:
1. Featured articles that include a conversation with RIPE Shekhar Mehta, music behind bars, inadequate sanitation in rural communities, and a engaging collection of “What’s it Like” stories
2. A two-page splash about the Rotary Action Plan (rotary.org/actionplan) on pages 25-26
3. A handy refresher about what Rotary is all about; The Object of Rotary, The Four-way Test, and the Rotarian Code of Conduct on page 62
4. An invitation to visit the enhanced, redesigned, and simplified Rotary Learning Center (rotary.org/learn) on the inside back cover

Note: This article is an example of a bite-size job that could be yours. Synopsizing the Rotary magazine is only one example. Other sources of articles could come from staying in touch with the District or RI websites, social media, other clubs, etc. Send a note to publicimage@a2rotary.org if you want to have your own “beat” (as they used to say in the newspaper business).