Harpoon Editors Wanted

We need a few Rotarians to undertake rotating duties of editing the Harpoon.  Four or five editors would be optimum with each working on approximately one Harpoon issue per month.  All that you need is a computer and a decent internet connection.

The Harpoon editor formats the weekly newsletter using the Club’s account in Constant Contact – an easy-to-use e-mail generator – and clicks an icon to schedule it for release on the next Monday morning.  The formatting is simple and not particularly time-consuming.  Additional duties include using WordPress – a very easy application – to edit the meeting notes (prepared by someone else) that are posted on the Club’s website .  Posting and formatting are usually completed on Friday or Saturday, and the Harpoon is scheduled for automatic launch on Monday.

Interested Rotarians should contact Lori Walters to learn more.