Updates from our Administrator, John White: August 15, 2018

Weekly Meeting Statistics:

A total of 83 members learned about chronic pain from Dr. Daniel Clauw. We also had one visiting Rotarian (B. Yawson of Ann Arbor North) and eight guests. No committee meetings were held in conjunction with the luncheon.

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians:

Karen Kerry (Jackson Breakfast on August 7). She told them about the Fisher House Project.

In celebration of Membership Month:

In his video message for Membership Month, RI President Barry Rassin focuses on the need to make changes in our organization and the importance of public image. “To serve our communities well, we need to represent our communities in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, and background. We need to start reaching out to people who may not know about Rotary.” Click here <<https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Mmbv4K1z8ts&feature=youtu.be>> to watch Barry’s message to learn more about how you can help build Rotary’s membership so we can be more effective People of Action. The One Rotary Summit will be a great place to learn how to put principles into practice. Learn more on the District website at www.rotary6380.org.

No meeting on Nov. 21:

At its meeting on August 15, the board decided not to hold a regular luncheon meeting on Wednesday, November 21. It is the day before Thanksgiving. Weber’s cannot accommodate us that day and it has traditionally been lightly attended. We will also be off December 26 and January 2.

Member Directories on Sale Wednesday:

A new printed directory will be available starting on Wednesday. As always, please remember that use of the contact information of Rotarians for any non-Rotary purpose, e.g., commercial, charitable or political, is prohibited.