Updates from Administrator John White for September 5

DACdb Club Welcoming New Members

DACdb is our new membership management database. It is an exceptionally capable cloud-based product. Each member will be getting their own account in a month or so. John White is forming a user group to meet informally just before each week’s luncheon meeting. This will be a forum for early adopters to share what they have learned and learn by what others have to share. Please contact John White to sign up for your account or just see him before each Wednesday luncheon.

Weekly Meeting Statistics

A total of 80 members learned about the Washtenaw Mental Health Millage from Rotarian Greg Dill and his associates, Lisa Gentz and Renee Wilson. We were joined by three visiting Rotarians (Tim Murphy of Edina MN, Ron Slagell of Battle Creek and Bob Specht of Ann Arbor North) and two Youth Exchange Students (Fiona O’Reilly,last year’s outgoing student and Rune Kiguchi, this year’s incoming one). We also had two guests. Before lunch, five members of the Golf & Tennis Outing Committee gathered.

Monthly Membership Report to the District

August was Membership Month in the Rotary year. We finished the month with 292 Active Members after the resignation of Darlene Sosenko and the transfer of Larry Collins to Louisville OH. Our club also has six Honorary Members and six Inactive Emeritus members. Average attendance during August was 36% for the five meetings. Not reported to the district but calculated for club use were the averages of 82 Ann Arbor Rotarians and nine others (mostly guests) at our weekly meetings. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 52%.

Makeup Cards for Roving Rotarians

None this week.