Two Ways to Stay in Touch with Other Rotarians and Rotary International

These days can be isolating for many of us. Our club’s leadership is working on sharing meetings and information using Zoom but ClubRunner and My Rotary are two resources available to you, right now and personally.
ClubRunner is our cloud-based membership management software. Its directory functions on your computer, tablet or smartphone will facilitate your connections with other club members. The web-based version allows you to keep your own directory listing up to date.
My Rotary is provided by RI as your gateway to some relevant valuable resources like the Learning Center, Discussion Groups, Fellowships, Rotary Showcase and Rotary Ideas, as well as allowing you access Rotary Club Central and your own records to The Rotary Foundation.
Both of these resources require a login ID and password. For ClubRunner, you will need instructions from John White to get started. For My Rotary, you can create an account on your own starting on the home page at Again, John would be glad to walk you through the process.
As a side note, YouTube is also a lush location for Rotary-related programs, other videos and training. An amusing first step is an amusing three-minute “What is Rotary video from a club in Fargo ND.
A reasonable hope for an upside to our current downside is that our Rotary experience will be expanded in many ways. We hope that you are well and safe and that you will take advantage of whatever extra time you have to learn more and stay connected.
By John White