New Member Profile: Toni Gupta

Toni Gupta

Toni is a familiar face, not only as the mother of a Junior Rotarian but also because she has been one of the mainstays of the Junior Rotarian program all year. This is only one of Toni’s volunteer activities in support of her three daughters. She is also a leading Dance Mom for daughter Madeleine’s Ballet and Team Mom for daughter Muriel’s swim team. She was already working for daughter Meghan’s figure skating team before Megahan went off to Yale.

Volunteering is very big in Toni’s family. She has worked with special needs kids for years and all three of her girls are active volunteers.

Toni was raised in Redford. Her mother is Native American and Toni treasures her Native American credentials, as do her three girls. Toni received her nursing degree from Wayne State where she met her husband Sumar, a native of India, when he was completing a residency on a J-1 visa. J-1 visas allow holder to study but not work, in the U.S. Thus, they embarked upon a ten year odyssey to obtain a “green card” that took them from Michigan to Cheyenne and Boston. Toni and Sumar’s journey is a testament to the difficulties in obtaining work permits and citizenship in our country, one that jut might make an interesting Rotary program.

Toni and Sumar returned to Michigan three years ago and built a house that Toni designed. She is in process of handing over the presidency of her homeowners association so she can devote that time to Rotary. Toni revels in her friendships from Cheyenne, Boston and Ann Arbor. She spends time at Cape Cod and Plum Island in northern Massachusetts where she enjoys studying whales and sharks. Her pipe dream is a tiny house by the sea with only hooks on the wall for bathing suits.