New Walk-On is Making Huge Impact- states Head Coach…

Dick Elwell!!!  See Attached Pictures!! From an unverified 4th hand source–Coach Elwell was overheard eclating:  I’m telling you: This is gonna be the year for Rotary Bowlers!!. Our Walk-On is making an immediate impact! And with our murderous row line-up of Emeritus Pete Wright, Spaulding Clark, Sara Maddock, Norman Herbert, Chuck Olson, and Susan Rossi, and this Walk-On– there is no stopping us! This is Our Year!!!!

Emeritus member Pete Wright- having veteran doubts about this walk-on— was overheard shouting: fake news, fake news! At which point, this anonymous walk-on went right up to our Emeritus Member at the famous Knight’s restaurant, smiled, and displayed his most recent 10 frame score. The same unconfirmed 4th hand source stated: I couldn’t believe what I saw next–Emeritus Member Pete Wright jumped up and rendered the Irish Jig, high fivin’ Knights patrons, and yelling- We Got A Team!! We Got A Team!!

Bowling. Catch The Fever!!!