The Elements and Change- Lori Walters, Executive Director

Well, February was certainly the month of Weird Wednesdays! The weather greatly impacted our attendance resulting in a 24% average attendance per meeting. When totaling actual participation during the month however, which includes our membership participating in either a committee meeting, a regular meeting and our special meeting at Glacier Hills, that figure was a very healthy 321. We were also fortunate to have hosted 7 visiting Rotarians, 18 guests, and members of Rotaract at several meetings.

While the weather certainly played a role in February’s low meeting average, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the membership to participate in improving our meeting numbers. If you haven’t been with us in a while, please do consider revisiting, and if you have a member or two that you notice have been absent, give them a call and invite them to join us. The Fellowship of Rotary is so very important and as we welcome in a spring class of 12 new members, we need you with us to help these new or transferring members become Rotarized and understand just how special the RCAA is!