The Case of the Missing Tablet

During the Adopt-a-Highway cleanup day on Saturday, September 26th, our Rotarians found some very interesting items along the highway, including a car spring and a gold lame skirt. Past President Greg Stejskal’s group found one of the strangest items: a working electronic tablet.
The tablet had a 2|24 Church sticker on the back, was scuffed up, and missing the cover that protects the screen, but was otherwise in good shape. Stejskal, going back to his FBI roots, reported “I took [the tablet] to a guy I know at Computer Alley who was able to get it charged and turned back on. On the screen was the owner’s name, Jessie Westlake.
“2|42 is a new large church in the old Gelman building on Wagner Road (Barbara Eichmuller noted that when we found the tablet). I tried to make contact with someone at the church, but wasn’t successful. Because of COVID-19 they are substantially closed. I left several voicemail messages, but never heard back.
“So, I went on Facebook and found Jessie and sent him a message. He got back with me, and I delivered the tablet to him this morning.”
The tablet reunited with its owner, Jessie, and the “Masked Man” Past President Greg Stejskal
How did the tablet end up alongside the highway? Stejskal noted “Jessie lost the tablet when he forgot that he had put it on the roof of his car before driving off. He had gone back looking for it, but assumed that it had fallen off before he got on I-94. He was very happy to get it back as it has a lot of family photos on it.”
Another day of Rotarians helping the community!