Summary of November 17 Board Meeting

The Board of Director’s Meeting was held on Wednesday, November 17. Club membership on October 31 was 244 Active members, plus five Honorary members and twelve Inactive Emeriti. Attendance for the month’s four meetings was 32% (up from 28% the previous month). Average attendance at each meeting was 75 members plus eight guests. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 68%. The board unanimously approved to accept two new members into our club (Sofia Nordenstam and Arianne Slay).

The Operating Fund Balance on October 31 was $29,565. The Club’s Endowment Investment market value was $3,032,988, a 4% increase from the previous month.

The board discussed our current hybrid meeting format. These meetings have created a lot of moving parts and extra administrative duties that are taking up more time than anticipated, while also having to pay $450 for rental of the Anderson Room each week, plus a $125 fee for the camera, and $25 for UM staff assistance during our meeting (12:30-1:30).  The physical turnout for the meetings has been low.  (On 11/17 there were about 30 people meeting in person and 60 on Zoom.) Board members are encouraged to put feelers out for new facilities to try. Another consideration discussed was to remove the lunch portion to increase mask-wearing at the meetings. Lori has also contacted UofM about shrinking the footprint of the room to save on expenses.

It was announced that our Pints, Pinot and Pours for Polio event in October, raised over $3,600 due to  the great support of Roy More, Ashley’s Restaurant and Dragonmead Brewery.

The board also discussed possible changes to the Emeritus award program for nominees. Article 10, Section 4 of the bylaws would require an update if the suggested changes are implemented. The changes centered around length of membership, activity level in the club, and board approvals/recommendations for Inactive Emeritus members when necessary. Also discussed the possibility of soliciting sponsorships for Emeritus members or creating an Emeritus fund. The Membership Committee will continue to discuss and bring ideas to the board.