Summary of the May 13 Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Director’s Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 13 via Zoom. Club membership on April 30 was 284 Active members, plus six Honorary members and six Inactive Emeriti. Attendance for the month’s five meetings was 30%. Average attendance at each meeting was 85 members plus 12 others. Our Engagement Ratio for the month was 49%. The Board accepted, with regret, the resignations of Howard Lazarus and Pat McKeon. Three members, Greg Dill, Brenda Henning and Alan Jeseil were terminated due to unpaid CSA obligations. On April 30, the Operating Fund Balance was $14,674. The Club’s Endowment Investment market value was $2,057,436, a 10% increase from March 31.

The Environmental Education Signs Committee presented on overview of the signage for the Universal Access Playground. The project goals were for the signs to be educational, interactive, playful and engaging, multisensory, inspiring of a sense of discovery, durable and easy-to-maintain, accessible (up to or exceeding universal design and accessibility standards) and aesthetically pleasing and integrated with the park. The Design Team was made up of Rotarians Anne Glendon, Chuck Blackmer and Sumedh Bahl along with the City of Ann Arbor, Leslie Science & Nature Center and Hands-On-Museum, Huron River Watershed Council and the design firm Flutter and Wow. The signs will be installed later this summer once public parks are reopened.

The Community Allocations Committee screened 44 applications. Considering the COVID-19 crisis all of the applicants were contacted to see if they wanted to withdraw their application, revise it because of the impact of the coronavirus, or leave it as submitted. Applicants had until April 27 to amend their submissions, if desired. The Committee met on May and recommended grant awards to 13 organizations. Go to this link to find out what nonprofits received grants.

The Disaster Response Committee approved the following grants:

  1. PPE to Shelter Association of Washtenaw County. Five non-contact digital thermometers to the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County at a cost of $300.00. This donation required sourcing the thermometers as well as providing to the organization. $1500
  2. Shelter Association of Washtenaw County. SAWC is currently staffing five different sites to promote social distancing. $7,500 was approved to offset the costs of staffing this offsite housing which includes churches and hotels.
  3. Safehouse has need for funding to pay for overtime staff to meet the needs of its clients. $3000 was approved to offset these costs for the next three months and another $3000 may be considered if needs continue after that time period.

This Memorial Day let us remember the words of our own Art Holst, “Freedom isn’t Free.”