Summary of the 2/21/18 Board Meeting

The Board of Director’s Meeting was held Wednesday, February 21, 2017 at the United Way Building. President John called the meeting to order and motions were made and approved to accept the Agenda and December Minutes.

The Club’s membership on January 31 was 306 Active Members plus six Honorary members and seven Inactive Emeriti. The Club’s average attendance in January was 40% for four meetings. The average attendance for the luncheons was 107 members plus 11 others. Our engagement ratio was 61%. The ratio is based on the proportion of our active members earning at least one attendance credit during the month. On January 31, the Operating Fund Balance was $49,165.83. The Club’s Endowment Investment market value was $2,194,384.54.


  • Community Service: The Community Allocations Committee has sent out the RFP for this year’s grant cycle with a deadline for applications due 2/25. The GTO will be offering the opportunity for a sponsor to become a “Presenting Sponsor” of the event.
  • Club Outreach: The IHPC recently funded the Cooperative for Education Literacy in Guatemala with $1,000 for a computer station in a school. The Membership Committee presented qualifications for nine nominees. On March 14 the following eleven people will be inducted: Lori Athey, Kathleen (Kati) Bauer, Toni Gupta, Lauren Heinonen, Greg Holcombe, Heather Kendrick, Katherine (Kate) Lewis, Fernando Ortiz, Darlene Sosenko, Carolina Typaldos and Karen Wasco. In addition to these nine candidates, Karen Driggs and Dawn Johnson will be reinstated.
  • Public Relations: The Committee has added Ken Wilson as a new committee member. Ken will help to organize a media list in addition to writing articles for the website. Members are encouraged to submit articles of interest for inclusion in the Harpoon.
  • Youth Development: One group of Rotaractors are on spring break in Honduras while others are in New Orleans doing conservation work.


The countdown has begun, there are only eight more meetings at the Union and members are reminded that on Wednesday, April 25 we will symbolically “move the bell” to Weber’s for the rest of 2018 and all of 2019 while the Union is undergoing renovations. Volunteers are needed to help move our equipment out of the Union to Weber’s. Please contact John White if you are willing to help.