STRIVE for Success with an exciting revised program

We are excited to announce that on November 10, the STRIVE committee started with the first hands-on workshop at Pathways. During the summer we gathered feedback, data, and insights from all the different stakeholders and it became apparent that there are more effective ways to cater to the needs of the students we aim to serve. One of the insights which surprised us the most was that in the past few years most of the scholarships had not been used – meaning that the scholarship recipients did not enroll at Washtenaw Community College (WCC) and the money was untouched. That is why we are revising the program.

How is it different to previous years? In the past, the program focused on a 1:1 mentorship of Pathways’ students who were possibly interested in attending WCC and receiving scholarships to help make that possible. Going forward, we will continue to provide support for seniors considering college, however mentoring will focus on students once they are at college. We are broadening the program to support both juniors and seniors with near term goals as well, including looking for jobs and being successful in high school. STRIVE will have two major components:

  1. Monthly Workshops – at Pathways, led by professionals from our community who will share their stories, insights, and guidance for success. Each workshop will have a theme and will include opportunities to work on the topic in a meaningful way. Topics include applying for jobs, being financially savvy in high school and college, time management, and the prospect of college.
  2. College Scholarship Applications – help Pathways’ seniors understand their scholarship opportunities and complete the application process, which will be coordinated through the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, offering a wide range of scholarships, including a large number of scholarships for WCC.

If you would like to support us as a committee member, facilitate one of the workshops with the students, or know someone who is an engaging facilitator, please get in touch with: Andrea Bare, or Daphne Schalbetter,

Andrea Bare, Linda Carter, and Daphne Schalbetter at Pathways