Thanks for recommending a speaker!

We appreciate the time and effort you put into your Rotary Club of Ann Arbor speaker recommendation.

Here are the next steps with your submission:

  • In most instances, the speaker will be considered at the next Program Committee meeting, which is the third Wednesday of each month an hour before the club meets.
  • If you are a Rotary Club of Ann Arbor member, you may wish to attend that meeting to present your submission. It’s not required, but often helpful. Please let the committee chair know so they can be prepared for you.
  • It is likely that you will hear soon after the meeting about whether the recommendation was accepted or not.
  • If the recommendation is accepted, the committee is scheduling speakers about three to four months into the future.

We hope this communication is helpful. If you have any questions, please send them to the chair, who is currently Barbara Niess-May. Her email is