Shelly MacMillian asks: Who Wants To Be a Star!!

Good afternoon Club members!

Priscilla Johnson, Life Enrichment Coordinator for Independent Living at Glacier Hills, has put together a one-evening-only offering of play reading and discussion led by John Neville-Andrews (U of M).  I asked if there might be room for Rotarian thespians or thespian-wannabes at this event.  She replied, “Absolutely!”

So, this is your invitation to join—and to help create—the fun on Friday, June 29th beginning at 7:15pm (doors open at 7pm).  The location is the Hanson Room on the lower level of The Manor building at Glacier Hills (address below).  Ample parking can be found in front of The Manor.  A flyer is attached and it includes Priscilla’s contact information so you can let her know if you will be attending.

I hope this works for many of you.  It should be an evening of comedy even if tragedies are read!!!!