Rotary to the Rescue

See an article below from Fred Beutler, who originally wrote and published the article in 2006 in the District 6380 Newsletter. It’s a nice reminder of Rotary’s impact around the world.

On our way to a jungle camp on the Amazon river, Sue contracted conjunctivitis.  Since our camp was remote, even without electricity or running water, we had no expectation of access to medical facilities.

Amazingly, we were taken by boat to a nearby clinic staffed by a volunteer physician from Wisconsin.  This clinic was the sole medical facility serving the inhabitants living within a radius of sixty miles.  Near the clinic entrance was a brass plaque informing us that the clinic had been built by Rotary International—clubs from Duluth, Iquitos and Thunder Bay.

It is at times like those that we appreciate what it means to be a Rotarian.  We are proud to be part of an organization that makes so great a positive impact on lives around the world.