Rotary Scouting Report (from John White)

Rotary Scouting Report (from John White): Lynn and I recently returned from a 3,500 mile driving trip to, around, and back from Colorado. Unfortunately, the times for club meetings along the way did not fit with my schedule but I did have a keen eye for other indications that Rotary is alive and well in various parts of the country. Indeed, it appears to be. I saw Rotary signposts as we entered towns, names of Rotary clubs on Adopt-a-Highway sections and Rotary signage on city parks. I even saw a Rotary logo on a restored fire truck at a museum in Durango! As we know, public image is a big part of RI’s Strategic Plan. We can commend those clubs for their part in helping increase the awareness of Rotary and can always been on the lookout for ways our club can do likewise.